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TitelBringing sustainability to life: A framework to guide biodiversity indicator development for business performance management

Biodiversity loss is a critical sustainability issue, and companies are beginning to look for ways to assess their biodiversity performance. Previous initiatives have developed biodiversity indicators for specific business contexts (e.g., spatial scales - from site to product to regional or company level); however, many of these are not generally transferable to different contexts, making it difficult for companies seeking indicators to manage their biodiversity performance. By synthesizing the steps of common conservation and business decision-making systems, we propose a framework that supports more comprehensive development of quantitative biodiversity indicators for a range of business contexts. The framework integrates lessons learned from existing, proven conservation frameworks. We illustrate how our framework provides a way for companies to assess their biodiversity performance and demonstrate responsible management by mitigating and reversing their impacts on biodiversity and maintaining their dependencies so that they can demonstrate their contribution to emerging global biodiversity targets (e.g., the Convention on Biological Diversity's post-2020 targets).


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